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Launch Your Next Freemium Membership or Marketplace Internet Startup With The Startup Giants 2019 Accelerator Round
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Startup Funding

Startup Giants is a UK-based startup accelerator that invests in tech startups in the UK at the pre-seed stage (also known as concept stage), then participates on subsequent seed and expansion rounds. Twice a year, in the Spring and Autumn, we run an accelerator round and invest up to £100k in amazing consumer startups that have the potential to attract over 1m customers within the first 12 months from launch.

Are You Eligible?

#1 your idea should be for a consumer web app (ie: not B2B)
#2 the revenue model should be either Freemium or Marketplace
#3 you have identified a subset of your specific niche to pilot first
#4 you can target at least one million potential customers in that pilot
#5 there are no barriers to entry or commercial agreements required in order to launch

Get Up To £150k Pre-Traction

Get Over £1m Post-Traction

Get Up To £2m In Grants


Marketplace Apps


Freemium Apps

Day Turnaround

Awesome Result

Making Dealflow Simpler For Investors

We’ve made it our mission to make it simple for anyone to invest in great consumer internet startups in the United Kingdom by running regular accelerator rounds and only supporting the top talent using a rigorous selection process and ongoing active mentoring. Anyone investing in our startups can rest assured that we’ve done a huge amount of due diligence already on the team, the business potential, and the ability to launch successfully.

Increased Liquidity

Buy or sell Startup Giants shares on the NEX Exchange Growth Market that cover our entire portfolio online (More).

Portfolio Spread

Startup Giants lowers your risk through diversification as well as lowering volatility in uncertain times

Startup Dealflow

We provide the right knowledge and background to assess startup potential to create ongoing attractive dealflow

Rigorous Selection

Shortlisted startups run through six weeks of mentoring before a final pitch to our investment advisory board

Focus Revenue Models

We only support startups with revenue models where customers are prepared to pay for a real value being delivered

Active Mentoring

We provide ongoing support to help our startups “growth-hack” their business into an international brand

FCA Registered

Registered by the FCA as a small UK alternative investment fund manager under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive.

UK Tax Relief

Once quoted, you can use SIPPs and ISAs with up to 45% tax relief and no capital gains or UK income tax to pay

Brexit Resistant

There can be some positives around Brexit, at least for UK startups selling into Tier 1 countries in sterling
Startup Giants’ vision is to be the highest-achieving supplier of quality pre-selected consumer internet startups to the funding community in the United Kingdom. We can only do that by being incredibly passionate and hands-on with our selection process and our unrivalled approach with ongoing mentoring and support. Jeb Buckler

Founder and CEO, Startup Giants plc

Global Reach

Startup Giants mentoring team shares global expertise and contacts in over 26 countries.

Adjustable Equity

Startups adjust their own cost which in turn determines the equity available to Investors

Viral Growth

Investors love how we build viral growth using tactics that target a revenue-driven business model

Preferred Crowdfunding Partners

Startup Giants invests in tech startups in the UK at the pre-seed stage (also known as concept stage), then participates on subsequent seed and expansion rounds. During expansion rounds, we encourage the startups to look at using several of our preferred crowd funding platforms to provide an increased investor base, to add more credibility, and to increase their exposure.

Invest In Startup Giants

At Startup Giants, our aim is to provide a refreshing alternative to the traditional routes of investing directly in early stage tech startups with all the benefits of investing on a regulated stock exchange.

Benefits for Investors…

Launch Your Startup

Unlike other accelerators that require you to huddle together in a room for 4 months, we’ve tailored our mentoring to support talented entrepreneurs who need to keep their existing jobs a little while longer.

Benefits for Entrepreneurs…

That's Really Awesome.

Well, that’s what our Entrepreneurs have been saying about us anyway.
Hi Jeb, Thank you for taking the time to chat with me this morning. Our exchange of ideas is exactly what I have been looking for in terms of perspective, guidance, and mentorship. Looking forward to a follow-up conversation soon. Brandon Smith

Founder, Metis Sports

We found a lot of value having a call with Jeb; his insight and understanding of entering markets with an advanced MVP really set a few lightbulbs off in our team that we are pursuing with our service offering.

Adam Barker

Founder, Magna

It was really useful talking to Jeb. He has complete understanding of finding the right niches and entry point to make a MVP+ product doing all the research upfront instead of lean model of launch and see what happens. I’d join the program even if we don’t get the money just to get the executive level mentorship!! Syed Shuttari

Co-Founder, Let's Lunch

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