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Whatever stage of your journey you’re at, our experts work alongside you to maximise your business to scale. Together we speed along the essential pathways to success and funding.



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Did you know that we’re listed on the Aquis stock exchange? This means we attract brilliant tech investors with our higher liquidity offering and deliver a total breadth of opportunity for our qualified, known and nurtured deals.

Both our entrepreneurs and our investors know that from inception to IPO and exit, our interactive programmes and level of expertise, gives everyone a clear advantage.

You are stronger with Startup Giants.



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  • Knowledge Base

    Idea brewing or hoping to start your own business? Explore ARIZR, our 100% free learning platform. Take the first step to becoming the entrepreneur you’ve dreamt about being …

  • Funding Pathways

    Idea already in action but need funding? See what you need to complete on your route to funding and execute TALOS, ASTER and ECHION to qualify for RAISE.

  • Raise & Exposure

    We prepare you for investment leaving no stone unturned. You will meet our high level investors. Congratulations on getting this far – let’s elevate your business with the finance it needs.

  • Venture Building

    You’ve raised your crucial finance. Amazing. Now our experts will help you to manage, scale and maximise your business for further rounds and opportunities.

  • IPO & Exit

    To IPO your business is tough. We know, we’ve been there; it requires a bullet proof strategy to get through the red tape. Fortunately for you, we can get started straight away.


Startup Giants?

Investor or entrepreneur, we know you’re stronger with Startup Giants
  • Aquis stock exchange listed offering higher liquidity for investors
  • A strong investor pool who appreciate our high quality, known and nurtured deals
  • Full CTO staff and tech delivery crew to bring concepts to life with speed
  • We support each concept and grow each entrepreneur
  • Comprehensive pathway programmes to raise funding from inception to IPO and exit
Promoting Diversity in the UK


Places on our UK Visa scheme are highly limited and fiercely fought for.

And so they should be. The UK has a fast-paced tech scene, ideas have flourished here and scaled into businesses that the world relies upon. It’s dynamic and your idea needs to be too.

Intrigued to come to British soil? Ask yourself: Is your idea innovative, scalable and viable?

  • Be inspired

    Business is a tough challenge but it’s far easier when you sit on the shoulders of giants. Take inspiration from our seasoned entrepreneurs.

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