• There’s a certain type of energy created when you bring ideas to life.

    Everyone in the Startup Giants team feels it.
Message from our CEO and founder Jeb Buckler:

Each of our Entrepreneurs has to go through such rigorous testing to qualify for our venture builder, that we celebrate each one and give them with our 100% effort when they succeed.

Why? Because we’ve been there too. Every business was once a startup, scrabbling around wanting to plug a gap, rock the status quo, make their mark, be meaningful …

We take our work seriously; the world always needs good ideas. I’m proud of our process of elimination. I take the time to speak individually to each Entrepreneur and am always proud of the high calibre mix of ingenuity and drive that they have – the perfect mix for Startup Giants.

Whether the news is portraying times of chaos or times of wealth, the future needs to be worked towards in an innovative manner.

That’s what we do. For our Entrepreneurs, for investors and for the UK as a whole. We’re energetic. We’re future focused. We’re positive.

Einstein was right, creativity is contagious. We’ve found that the more we focus on improving ideas, viable businesses and inspirational Entrepreneurs, the more we have.

There’s a wealth of talent and opportunity in the world and I’m proud of my team for helping to bring this talent to the UK and nurturing each Entrepreneur to flourish.

Our values are incredibly clear.

We want to inspire confidence in everything we do and for our partners to act accordingly.

We are a company that is obsessed with ideas and innovation. These can only come from people. Diversity is our norm. Ideas know no skin colour, gender or sexual preference. Startup Giants is inclusive – we get to know our Entrepreneurs, their idea and if it’s right for investment, we’ll empower them to scale. We’re in the business of creating legacies of positive innovation.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Meet the people behind Startup Giants

We’re all friendly, we all love innovation.

We’re always honest – sometimes we might not say what you want to hear, but it will always be what you need to hear. If you can work well with that, why not come and join our crew? Entrepreneur, Investors or as part of our team …

Don't just listen to us, hear it from our rising giants ...
  • Skuma is making the act of turning tap water into mineral water accessible for all

    We’re very thankful to CEO Jeb Buckler at Startup Giants actually who put us in touch with an investor who owns a water purification company in Hong Kong. This has made our life a million times easier.

    It’s been a year now and we’ve spoken in some way every day to problem shoot and develop our idea. It’s meant that we can execute at a cheaper cost than our competition. It’s phenomenal to have somebody on board that we trust and respect.

    Alex, Entrepreneur
    Skuma - Next-level kitchen water purification
  • Lattice - Lattice enables contractors to build on-time and on-budget
  • ViralBee - Keeps influencers updated with trends and brands
  • Robin Animations - Bringing UK heroes to life to inspire children’s imagination