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Our Mission

We’ve made it our mission to make it simple for anyone to invest in great consumer internet startups in the United Kingdom.

We achieve that by running regular accelerator rounds and only supporting the top talent using a rigorous selection process and ongoing active mentoring. Anyone investing in Startup Giants can rest assured that we’ve done a huge amount of due diligence already on our startups, the teams, the business potential, and the ability to launch successfully.

The Startup Giants vision is to be the highest-achieving supplier of quality pre-selected consumer internet startups to the funding community in the United Kingdom. We can only do that by being incredibly passionate and hands-on with our selection process and our continual ongoing mentoring and support.

Our Team

Startup Giants plc is a UK-based startup investment business, founded by Jeb Buckler in 2014, with an exceptionally strong and experienced advisory board and an open door policy to welcome new collaboration opportunities. Select a team member to contact them directly.

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  • Jeb Buckler
    If you’re pitching to Startup Giants, it'll first probably be to me.
    Founder and CEO
    Jeb Buckler
    Founder and CEO

    Jeb Buckler is a tech entrepreneur, startup mentor, and consultant to some of the biggest companies in the world, and currently leads Startup Giant's seed-stage accelerator programs in the UK. He is incredibly passionate about all things startup in Europe and, as part of his remit, has recently launched an initiative to coach new entrepreneurs on how to design viral growth strategies into their startup plans to give them the unfair advantage of exponential growth.

    Having devoted much of his career as a consultant to global brands and tier-1 system integrators, advising on IT strategy and business transformation to C-level executives, including having global design authority at one €22-billion revenue global brand, he is currently ramping up Startup Giant’s seed-stage accelerator programs in the UK to scale to 90+ new businesses a year.

    Originally from the UK, Jeb has lived in Monaco for 12-years, and has founded several businesses, including a 120-resource software development company at the biggest Technopark in India back in 2004, and the first online real-time Insurance marketplace in the Middle East (now with over 24 insurers on the platform) back in 2009.

    If you’re pitching to Startup Giants, it’ll probably be to this guy!

  • Virginia Filmer-Sankey
    If your figures or your stats aren't in order after funding, look out!
    Finance Director
    Virginia Filmer-Sankey
    Finance Director

    Virginia has twenty-five years’ experience working in both the UK and mainland Europe in financial management and business start-ups.

    She established a freight forwarding and logistics business in 1996, which was subsequently acquired in 2001 and for the last thirteen years has been the financial director for a private investment group based in Belgium and a UK Group called Adaro for the last seven years.

    She has been involved in assisting the financial operations for both start-up businesses as well as more establish companies in the technology and logistics space, including current projects ranging across the UK, Europe and the United States.

  • Kevin Doyle
    Supporting you to get into the right shape for VC's and PE firms.
    Investment Advisory Board Chairman
    Kevin Doyle
    Investment Advisory Board Chairman

    Kevin Doyle is the founder and chairman of a Belgian private investment group and has 20 years' experience developing and leading supply chain technology companies across Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Retail, Utilities and Health Care. He was involved with an early B2B e-procurement solution in 1996, which resulted in the business being acquired by Chase Manhattan bank, Microsoft promoted a separate platform and Kevin subsequently sold his interests in this business to the Voorhees Investment group based in Virginia.

    In 1998 Kevin then established a company that specialised in solving complex integration issues for companies providing B2B software. This company became a lead partner to Microsoft's European CIP strategy (1999) and was subsequently acquired by Infobank. Kevin was the second largest private shareholder in this business, which became the fastest growing technology company on the London Stock Exchange and reached a market capitalisation of £2,600,000,000.

    With his private investment group, Kevin is now helping to identify promising and interesting opportunities that are complimentary to the existing portfolio and focus on simplifying supply chains using both technology and services. The group is actively involved in both first round and second round investments.

  • Fred Betito
    Helping you completely nail down your team and skills strategy.
    Non-Executive Director
    Fred Betito
    Non-Executive Director

    Fred has spent his career in the IT sector, in roles ranging from consulting to project design and implementation.

    He has held senior positions with KPMG Consulting, Levi’s Strauss and Archstone Consulting and has taken several international companies such as Wrigley, Danone and Carrefour through the cycle of emerging technology assessment, business case and implementation.

    He currently owns and runs Steady Consulting, which is focussed on strategic consulting, interim management and headhunting for clients such as Delhaize, Heineken and Esselte.

  • John Robertson
    Supporting Startup Giants as Chairman of the Audit Commitee.
    Non-Executive Director
    John Robertson
    Non-Executive Director

    John began his career in 1970 with J. Henry Schroder Wagg, the London merchant bank. In 1975, he joined the Ultramar group of companies where he held a number of senior positions in London, Montreal, Toronto and New York and gained experience in corporate development, investor relations and supply operations. In 1992, Mr. Robertson returned to London and joined Durlacher, a London stockbroker, where he advised corporate finance clients. From February 1995 until his retirement in June 2005 he was a director of Nabarro Wells & Co., the London based independent corporate finance advisory firm where he brought a number of significant oil and gas and mining companies to AIM.

    Since his retirement he has held a number of non-executive directorships. He has served on the boards of AIM listed Prosperity Minerals Holdings, ASX listed Elixir Petroleum and Bonaparte Diamond Mines, AIM listed Petro Matad, and TSX listed Inspiration Mining. He is currently a non-executive director of Martina Minerals, a junior mining exploration and evaluation company publicly traded in Canada currently focussed on acquiring an interest in precious and base metal exploration properties.

    John Robertson graduated with a BSc in engineering from the University of St Andrews and then completed his doctorate from the University of Dundee.

  • Ian Kennedy
    Keeping them all grounded when they're bouncing crazy ideas around!
    Board Advisor
    Ian Kennedy
    Board Advisor

    Ian Kennedy is currently COO of Hermes Investment Management, and part of the Hermes Executive Committee and Board.

    In 2009 he was appointed interim CEO at Fortis Private Banking steering the business through its sale to BNP Paribas Wealth Management where he then became COO and CFO of BNP Paribas UK Wealth Management.

    In 2012, Ian co-founded Investme Financial Services LLC in Dubai, one of the earliest firms to be approved for investment advisory business activities by the Securities and Commodities Authority in Abu Dhabi.



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