Are you the next AirBnB, Spotify, JustPark, Fiverr, or Zapier?

Twice a year, in the Spring and Autumn, we run an accelerator round and invest up to £100k in amazing consumer startups that have the potential to attract over 1m customers within the first 12 months from launch.

Are you ready to put the Startup Giants methods, madness, and money behind your Launch?

Introducing Accelerate 2019.

Don’t miss out.

Launch now with Startup Giants collaboration, mentoring, and funding.


We allocate up to £100,000 to startups to cover their product and marketing, with a view to getting them to traction and then through a successful expansion round. All of our money comes from Startup Giants PLC, we’re listed on the stock exchange so our investors get a degree of liquidity and a ready-made portfolio.


If you’re shortlisted, you’ll get 6 weeks of mentoring as a group to get your product, revenue model, marketing, and launch strategy nailed down. Your coach will support your group during launch and early growth, after which our team will support you through expansion rounds.

Delivery Crew

We don’t expect all founders to come with teams. And we don’t expect you to be experts in digital marketing and product design and technology. That’s why we have a delivery crew that you can leverage to compliment your own skills with these aspects.


We run our accelerator as a group, so you’ll be getting and giving advice to other startups in the same position as you. We’ve seen these relationships work surprisingly well with close relationships that last well after launch.


Some other accelerators only support you for one round, after which you’re on your own. We have an attitude of staying as your lead investor until you’ve got a £10m revenue or a £100m valuation.

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