Raise Your First Round Of Startup Funding In Under 90 Days

(even if you have no proven product or “serial entrepreneur” credentials)


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Step 1. Register.

Register and get a free one-on-one assessment of your company’s current readiness to achieve funding, and the areas in which you’ll need to focus on to improve your startup’s value proposition.

Step 2. Investment.

If we’re a good match for each other, we’ll start working with you straight away and help you target your first £150k SEIS funding round and up to £100k in grants to get you on the road to traction.

Step 3. Accelerate.

Acceleration ramps up post-funding to get your strategy, value model, product, and marketing running like a well oiled machine with ongoing meetups to steer your company towards it’s Seed round.


We only run this accelerator TWICE A YEAR so make sure you’re on the list by registering below now before we close the next round.

The Core Team

Just Some Of the People Signed Up To Support You.

Jeb Buckler

Founder of Startup Giants PLC

“Founder @StartupGiants, Co-Founder @InsureMe (UAE), Founder @Digitella, x-@SAP, x-@Accenture, x-@PwC, adviser to startups on technology, viral growth, and marketing strategy.”

Bill Morrow

Founder of Angel’s Den

“Founder Angels Den, TEDxster & Keynote Speaker in 27 Countries, World’s Most Influential Person in AltFin CityAM, member of the Startup Giants Investment Advisory Board.

Gellan Watt

Founder of Thinking Juice

“Award-winning Agency Founder & Creative Director, Global Brand Strategist, Growth Hacker, Writer, Investor & Adviser, member of the Startup Giants Investment Advisory Board.”

Cherry Martin

Founder of Hype & Type

“Over 14 years as a senior copywriter, ghost writer and content strategist for top brands, journalism and PR specialist, podcaster and interviewer, mentor at Startup Giants.”

Charlene Burkmar

Founder of Tidal Marketing

“Founder Tidal Marketing, 10+ years experience in creating Go To Market strategies and propositions for Startups, Corporates, Government agencies and SME’s.”

Dan McDevitt

Founder of Pitch Machine

“Accidental business owner with 20+ years of sales & digital marketing experience, founder the Pitch Machine, co-founder Advantage Machine, mentor at Startup Giants.”

George Marcou

Founder Salt Business Growth

“Over 10 years as a turnaround specialist applying business transformation using solid techniques to help businesses come back, thrive, and grow to realise their full potential.”

Steve Tuson

Financial Adviser

“Wealth management professional since 2005 advising both private and corporate clients with complete holistic tax and financial planning solutions to suit their particular goals. “

"We found a lot of value having a call with Jeb; his insight and understanding of entering markets with an advanced MVP really set a few lightbulbs off in our team that we are pursuing with our service offering."


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