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behind building an MVP in just 4 weeks

Join this MVP bootcamp. Work with experts in 4 live online sessions to help make sure you get your tech right, first time.

‘Within a month I had created my app and put it out for crucial feedback. I was not expecting the energy buzz and sense of accomplishment to get my idea this far. I’m now working on getting evidence.’
MVP + Evidence Bootcamp

  • Why
    If you're a non-technical founder, you now have more chance than ever of creating a tech startup that can soar. But, before you jump in and start interviewing development teams, you need to make sure that you’ve chosen the right strategy and tech platform to get you where you want to be.
  • Where you're at
    If you're a non-technical founder and about to commit to building your tech product, this bootcamp is an ideal way to make sure you don't burn months or money in development hell.
  • Investment from you

    4 hours of learning time over 4 weeks

    Unlimited execution and turnaround time / deep focus

    Normal price £498

Aster is


if you’re about to start building a product.

If tech feels like an obstacle to your startup vision, you should enroll in the Aster MVP Bootcamp.

Startup Giants Head of Tech Elliott Betito will guide you through the best chance of making tech work for you.

Over 4 interactive, 1 hour sessions, you’ll work directly on understanding the technical aspects of launching an MVP driven startup, including:

  • How to conceive & design a valuable product
  • Discovering the right tools & teams for your build
  • Knowing how best to spend your early-stage cash
  • Making sure you’re building something people want
it works

When you’ve successfully enrolled, you’ll attend 1 bootcamp workshop a week, plus have access to a dedicated Q&A session.

  • Learn how to conceive and scope your product as an MVP that actually gets results
  • Discover tools and techniques to design your product with high-definition wireframes
  • Find out which development route will be the best fit for your project
  • Learn to test the market as quickly as possible without creating technical debt
  • Ensure you don't burn months of time or all your budget on the wrong platform

Startup Giants?

Investor or entrepreneur, we know you’re stronger with Startup Giants
  • Aquis stock exchange listed offering higher liquidity for investors
  • A strong investor pool who appreciate our high quality, known and nurtured deals
  • Full CTO staff and tech delivery crew to bring concepts to life with speed
  • We support each concept and grow each entrepreneur
  • Comprehensive pathway bootcamps to raise funding from inception to IPO and exit

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