At team Startup Giants we know that TED talks boost the mind, will charge your inspiration levels and impart some serious wisdom from people who have been immensely successful within their fields. Importantly, they also let you know that you are not the only one who is trying to effect positive change in the world.

January’s top five picks cover:
Starting a movement – 3 min watch
Finding out the single most important element for startup success – 6 min watch
Creating safer AI in your concept – 17 min watch
How to nail public speaking in four steps – 7 min watch

Yes, you have three minutes to learn how to start a movement. Starting from…. now:

Want to know what the single main factor for startup success? Spend six minutes of your time with Bill Gross and you’ll be able to anaylse your idea…

Three principles for creating safer AI – consider the impact of the AI you’re producing right from the start to create a harmonised world with humans

As a startup you need to understand communication; marketing is essentially communication with the hope of behavioural change. Watch Uri Hasson talk on what happens to your brain when we communicate.

Public speaking got you in knots? Even pitching to three people can be unnerving, Chris Anderson reveals his four key tips to create an idea worth sharing and how to execute it.

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