Want to know ‘who’ we’re looking for in a Founder? Carry on reading and see if we’re describing you below in our list of desirable Founder attributes …

Solution focused

Honestly, some of the issues in business, as in life, can be foreseen and prepared for, but others can be so random that they take you by surprise. You might not have the best business problem solving skills right now because it might be that you’ve been employed all your working life and never had to manage all of the different working systems that come together when you’re running your own company, however, as long as you like to tackle issues head on and can handle plan a’s, plan b’s and plan z’s, that’s fine. That’s the attitude to success we need.

Keen to learn and move forwards

Self-improvers please apply to us. Apply to us if you’ve spent a while looking at how other people have managed their companies and are intrigued to find out how to do it for yourself and get it right. We can teach you how to excel and grow your skills. If you’re the kind of person who hates hearing when they’re going off track or doesn’t have any kind of willingness to listen, learn and apply then please apply somewhere else. It will become evident very quickly that we are not meant to be working together.

Good all-rounder

It might be that in the past you’ve been a techie who likes to hide away but to get your idea off the ground you’re going to have to be able to converse with a large amount of people and share your concept. It’s no good saying that you can’t spearhead your idea – if you don’t show true belief in its benefits then people just aren’t going to jump on board, including us. Take a deep breath, prepare a 30 second sum up pitch, and a one minute one. Winston Churchill practiced his speeches in front of the mirror – try that to see if it helps. Become comfortable with talking about your idea.

Never quit attitude

If you’re humble enough to admit that you don’t know everything but you’re ready to work really hard because you believe your idea will fill a gap in the market then apply. No whinging allowed – if you’ve been fortunate enough to have an idea that’s being invested in with time or money then be grateful for it, you’re in a minority position. Are you ready to work hard to bring your idea to life?


We’re looking for people with the ability to approach every aspect of business with a mind that’s keen to move forwards – this inspires an opportunistic and tenacious mindset. There are always going to be setbacks and struggles but if you can turn them around to your advantage then you’ll always keep moving forwards. Would you describe yourself as opportunistic? Great if so, don’t worry if not, we’ll help you to cultivate a mind that is always looking to draw strings together between products, companies and people.

Belief and confidence in your concept

The ability to talk clearly and share your idea with others is essential – we can coach you on how to do this to a certain extent, but at the end of the day you need to believe in your idea to the point where you can’t help but sell it to people in the best possible way. It’s not about being the loudest person in the room, it’s about being well informed. Listening plays a huge part in finding out what consumers want and we’ll guide you on how to pose the right kind of questions to find out essential info on where to take your product focus next.

Time conscious

Managing your tasks in good time and helping others to manage theirs, is crucial in order to turn projects around to specific timelines and capitalise on success. We’re looking for people who can learn to plan months and even desirable stretch goals for years away, as well as what’s going to be worked on next week.

We will show you useful tricks of the trade to streamline your processes down to boost your efforts in every moment. It’s not about being busy, it’s about productive. It’s also important to remember to relax and relax hard to avoid overwhelm and eventual burnout – we’ll teach you that too.

So what do you think – ready to apply to us? Go to our application form if so. We’re looking forward to hearing your idea.

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