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Avoid these pitfalls when following the innovative visa route

Yes thinking about starting your business up in the UK is exciting, but it’s going to help you to be an informed as possible before you create your application to us. Make sure you read the following four pointers and avoid making the errors that others have made before you. Instead, ensure that you give yourself and your business the best shot in your application,

If in doubt, stay silent.
In this world of social media it’s very easy to get in the habit of baring your soul to everyone and profiling all of the steps of your journey. However you need to realise that some things are better left unsaid, particularly when it comes to safe-proofing your idea. Over the years we’ve had numerous occasions of people applying and finding out that their friend or colleague has also applied with the exact same concept. Don’t let that happen to you! If you need to discuss it then choose people who you trust and those who you know have no intention of moving to the UK to pursue it. If you’re working alongside the team at Startup Giants not only will keep your concept confidential, we will also guide you through the steps needed to protect it and patent it before unleashing it on the world.  Because we’re with you for a three year period we guide you through funding rounds. Intellectual property is therefore very important to investors and it’s something you need to get right from the start.

Will you need a UK license?
This is one of the many things that make it crucial to have a powerhouse like Startup giants behind you. If you don’t know, ask. If you do need one, or even more than one to trade, you need to bear in mind that there’s a separate process to follow for this and a cost that needs to be budgeted in to your costings.

Beware of cheap app build quotes
We’ve seen this quite a few times with our applicants who do their budget forecasting with an app build quote that is completely unrealistic. Not only will these apps have a poor design we often find that Entrepreneurs complain of the lack of UX within them and find that the money is completely wasted. With design the following statement is often true: ‘pay cheap, pay twice.’ One element that is often not considered when building an app is that they need to be completely secure to cope with using people’s data and compliant with all of the regulations surrounding this. A solution to emphasise speed might be to use a white-label app company who’ve built the app already, can modify it to your needs and then will continue to maintain it for you to relieve you of headaches. If a full app build is required then our tech team can jump on it for you. All of this will be discussed with you during your three years with us. We’ve got your back!

It’s all in the marketing.
Once we’ve guided you through choosing which business model suits your concept best, creating a strategy, building a MVP and sorting out all of your inner company infrastructure you then need to focus on the marketing. You can have the best product in the world but if nobody knows about it they’re not going to come to your site to buy it are they? This is where your business model comes into play – if it’s been deliberately constructed to be able to seed out to a greater and wider audience across verticals then you will find social media approach much easier. We find that Entrepreneurs greatly under-estimate the amount needed for marketing. The typical rule is that as a startup it’s 30% of your running costs but, depending on the production costs of your business it might be far higher than that. It’s best to go over it all with your Startup Giant’s adviser.

Is your business ground breaking enough?
For you to obtain a visa to live and start your business in the UK you need to show that it’s innovative and scalable. Out of the many thousands of people that apply to Startup Giants we see far too many people propose to start, for example: another consultancy business. The UK is already overrun with excellent people delivering excellent consultancy businesses so you’re going to have to think harder about the type of business and how you do what you do. Every time you have an idea ask yourself: is it scalable? Is it innovative enough to be fresh in the UK?

Yes, trading in the UK is going to take a huge amount of work and logistics – you’re going to need support. Fortunately that’s what sets Startup Giants apart. Not only will you receive our ultra hyper-care onboarding when you land in the UK, you’ll also have access to experts in their respective fields and guidance moving forwards to assist you in sourcing and making decisions that will propel your idea into a reality.

Now, grab your laptop or notebook and starting really working out how your idea could work. We want to hear from you …