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Don’t say it if you don’t mean it

Raising Giants #003:

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Think of the last time you found out someone lied to you… or even broke a small promise.

It’s easy to see how that could have changed your relationship – even in the subtle ways you feel about the other person.

You can think of the relationship between your business and your future customers in the EXACT same way.

It’s easy for businesses to make claims, for example, to be fully sustainable, or that they focus on diversity and inclusion.

That doesn’t make them a value-led business. It’s true only when they back it up with actions that match those claims.

We spoke to Jax Davey, CEO of global creative agency Nuevo who said this:

‘We knew that creativity could happen without harming the planet, so we work to reduce our client’s impact. Brands can achieve phenomenal visual and creative results and sleep well at night.
We put our values out there from the start as they defined our mission.
It’s drawn our customers to us when they see that we live and breathe them for ourselves and can then make that happen for them too.
So everyone is happy, including the planet.’

So, should you begin like Jax with values, or is it ok to bring them in further on down the line?

In our view, if you want to be a value-led business, you need to walk the talk from the beginning. That means you need to make them an operational part of every day life within the business.

You’ll see these three positive benefits when you do:

  • Customers are making more value led, conscious choices when spending their money. Living your values makes it easier for them to identify with you as a brand they trust.
  • When hiring key people for your team, it’s easier to choose from the people who believe in what you do and think the way that you do too.
  • If you need to make a decision on choosing suppliers you can quickly see, from the potential hundreds of options, who aligns with your values moving forwards – you will save so much time in your decision-making process, and we all know that time is money.

Have you already got your values written down?

If not, check out this great article from Hotjar about how they created and evolved theirs (along with other fantastic examples).