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Emotional EQ’s – why they are just as important to us as regular IQ tests

Starting up any business, even for the pro’s requires a vast amount of brain power – your mind is going to be tested for theories and strategies for hours every day to get it past concept stage and up to traction. During that time your ability to remain focused, to drive your team forwards in a way that builds respect in the face of serious adversity is going to be stretched. If starting up in business tests even the strongest of minds, let us give you an insight to the attitudes that prove that having a strong emotional intelligence just might win you more brownie points with us than a strong IQ …

As a Founder when you first apply to Startup Giants via you will answer 41 questions designed to shed light on your business experience, ability and mindset. For example, questions such as: ‘how often do you reflect?’ show us how much emphasis you place on your emotional EQ, how humble you in terms of your own performance and your attitude to self-improvement which are all key essences of a Founder who is worth investing in. This article will give you the edge if you read and appreciate it … there is more logic behind our questions than some of your potential competitors realise. And yes, you guessed it – they pertain to your emotional intelligence.

Questions about values

When you come to us with your startup concept and we ask you what values you want to convey, it’s partly a marketing question to see what will resonate with your intended consumer base, and whether you’re aware of what emotional gap you’re going to fill for them? However, it’s also a strong indicator to us of your beliefs as a person. Are you interested in giving something back, treating people well and being ‘human’ for the world to see? We tend to find that people who have strong values and the will to uphold them also have the willpower to succeed against strong odds.

A focus on empathy

This is a massively important part of life let alone business, but sticking to the subject of the business world, empathy is needed to know how to empower your staff, engage your client base, your own state of mind and every situation. Genuinely caring for your team and for your end clients will help you to bring out and deliver the best in everyone, including yourself.

Promoting self-control

Choosing not to react in an angry manner when the day-to-day throws up mini or large curveballs will enable you to reduce your blood pressure and avoid adverse aftermaths and embarrassing moments. Especially in today’s society of name and shame via social media, every leader needs to be able to keep a lid firmly on their emotions at work and not take situations out on their team.

All round belief

Confidence in your abilities and your product will get you through the days when everything seems to be going wrong. Our storyteller’s and marketeers helps each of our Founder’s to craft a strong purpose to their product which backs up their belief that the world needs it and will benefit strongly from it. Belief in the product is one element, belief in themselves to keep learning and pushing forwards is essential.

Practicing humility

Thinking you know everything is the sure fire way to gaining nothing. The ability to hold your hands up and know your strengths and weaknesses is the first step to learning how to better them. Improve on what skills you have and hone up non-existing ones. Take advice. Take feedback. Taking pride in learning as opposed to getting offended because of pride is where certain Founder’s will excel.

If these resonate with you in a positive way, get applying and if you think you need to work on some of the above then get applying to Startup Giants now because the fact that you’ve realised that already shows that you’re on the right tracks to being successfully crowned emotionally intelligent.