Startup Giants is pleased to announce that it has become an investor in GoShow Ltd. GoShow is the first startup to receive funding from Startup Giants by successfully passing pre-defined milestones. Startup Giants are pleased with their decision to give investment, after GoShow’s consistent performance and solution focused values.

Work began via a series of mentoring sessions with experts from the financial, marketing and business [development] areas of the Startup Giants, in order to test and improve the GoShow business model. During further application to the Company’s Investment Advisory Panel, GoShow was able to demonstrate a clear route to market through which it has the potential to achieve a revenue target of up to £1m revenue in one year.

Founder and Director of GoShow, Mark McDermott, impressed the board of the Company by diligently completing each task and overcoming potential blockers to trade. Funding is to be released in stages on achievement of further milestones.

Mark said: ‘I am really excited that Startup Giants have invested in GoShow. After some expert mentoring in our early days, we then went through a series of post-launch challenges that helped us define our true product-market fit. We are now keener than ever to work to achieve our next set of goals in a specified timeline with the ongoing participation of Startup Giants.’

Jeremy Buckler, Director and Founder of Startup Giants said: ‘Now Startup Giants has been successfully admitted to the NEX Exchange Growth Market, our investment in GoShow proves that our business model of tuition and investment works. We are excited about further investments in 2018 and supporting GoShow to reach its next set of goals, which will see it working towards further investment of up to £3million.’

Voted into the “Top 50 Most Innovative Sports Startups” of 2017, by HYPE Foundation (powered by Google, Microsoft and Asics), find out more about GoShow and how they can support global grands with professional video content, placement, and distribution.

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