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This month Startup Giants was seen in: Tech Blast and European Business, to name a few

It’s been a really interesting month, news story wise.

We love that each member of our team is passionate about their niche. Their knowledge and ability to distill it to both our Founders and our pools of VCs, intermediaries and investors is key to why we all work so well together.

Sam Keisner is our Head of Venture so when Tech Blast decided to feature his piece on why Founder’s shouldn’t listen to the media, and there is funds to be spent, we were so pleased.

The media has a way of making everything look like it’s doom and gloom, and for many things at the moment, the compound effect is negativity. However, if you can know where to focus your efforts, as indeed our Founders do, there is still opportunity to be found within this current state of play.

European Business also had a good interview with him to find out this thoughts on why a recession is actually still a positive time to begin a business. Looking back over the past recession of 2007-2009, and the now-global brands that came out of it, a recession can provide gaps in marketplaces, along with the development of technology and highly skilled specialists who may have been made redundant, to fill them. Read Sam’s exploration of this and see if you agree …