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Three game changers that will boss your startup business

Time, money and stress – these all need to be managed expertly not only when when you’re starting up in business but when you’re up and running too. These are three stellar business apps and concepts that we use all the time at Startup Giants to boost productivity, save on money and coin back time.

So you’ve chosen to build your online service using a templated site – be it Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify or even an app via bubble. It’s gone well but you’re got to the last finishing touches and you’re getting frustrated that it’s just not looking as polished as you’d like. If only you knew the coding to make it sit perfectly on the page and perform exactly how you want it to. Worry no more, for UseSixty can solve all of your problems, in quite literally, minutes.

Simply sign up, request a time slot, list your requirements and when you’re ready to go hit send. Sure enough a call will come through via their secure software and one of their team members will screen share with you as you log-in and they promptly code the list or find alternative solutions for you. In terms of charges – they bill literally by the minute so ensure that you’ve got your systems all logged in and running, your images and logos to hand and you’ve streamlined your list ready to go and you’ll reap the value of their service.

Their clever team of tech genius’ came up with the concept a while back and it’s proven to be an absolute stress reliever and game changer for the SUG team and our Founders. Wave goodbye to black holes of development budgets and say hello to speedy perfection.

Click, drop and drag the elements you need within your app and watch it come to life in Bubble’s super smart super easy to use code-less app building software.

Unless your product is an app entirely it might be that your tech solution for the world needs an app to accompany it and stay current in the minds of your user base, or it might be that you want your team to collaborate via an in-house app. Just by measuring how people are utilising the technology available to them, with smart phones and wearable tech, it’s estimated that by 2020, global app downloads will reach 284 billion. Now with over 70% of transactions occurring on mobile can you honestly not afford to consider an app as part of your customer base offering?

Check bubble out – they have a free option for app hobbyists, so that you can have a play around and see if the capabilities are relevant for you. Then upgrade to a full account offering if you need to. Bubble scales as your app grows. Well worth your time checking this out …

Zapier really is the missing link to your software, apps and organisation. This is one area where UseSixty as mentioned above can assist you in setting up and brainstorming ideas of where your ‘zaps’ would be best placed.

How does it work? Well imagine you’ve got a newsletter sign-up box which a customer fills in. You want to compile your list and segment it based on what they’ve agreed to sign up for, you then want to transport that data from your server into your own list and then perhaps on again to a newsletter third party app. Zaps will connect these applications and tasks so that you don’t have to. Simply hook up a zap between each job and you’re good to go. The coding’s been done so it works seamlessly.

Within the SUG team we have avoided wasting hours of faffing around, missing important links and  information by signing up to Zapier – every user gets free zaps per month so sign-up and see how easily it can be integrated into your systems.

For us the measure of a good app is just that – the absolute ease of integration into your lives coupled with the sheer benefit of using it. We hope that the above services really impact your journey into developing new concepts for the world. Let us know what you think.