Get fit for


in just four weeks

Join Head of Venture Sam Keisner for this fast-paced pre-fundraising bootcamp.

Over 4 sessions, you’ll learn how to prepare your data room, showcase your financial projections, hone your pitch deck and approach the right investors.

‘Investing the time to complete Echion meant that my own understanding of raising investment was boosted and I was much more prepared for the intensity of RAISE. It had even more value for me than I expected.’
Pre-Fundraising Bootcamp

  • Why
    You're about to begin a fundraising round for your startup. But before you do, you need to make sure that you're genuinely ready to meet investors.
  • Where you're at
    You've already got your business off the ground and moving, but know you need funding to help it reach its potential.
  • Investment from you

    4 hours of learning time over 4 weeks

    Unlimited execution and turnaround time / deep focus

    Normal price £498

Investors want


on all aspects of your business

During this pre-funding bootcamp, you’ll:

  • Understand how to give investors the data they want
  • Build robust financial projections
  • Craft your pitch deck and assemble your documents
  • Work on your presenting skills
  • Identify and reach out to the right investors
it works

When you’ve successfully enrolled, you’ll have access to all workshop videos and downloads so you can proceed at your own speed.

  • Follow each weekly bootcamp workshop at your own pace
  • Take immediate action and work on your fundraising process
  • Get your data, documents and deck ready for scrutiny
  • Learn how to find and meet investors
  • Prepare to move on to the Startup Giants RAISE programme

Startup Giants?

Investor or entrepreneur, we know you’re stronger with Startup Giants
  • Aquis stock exchange listed offering higher liquidity for investors
  • A strong investor pool who appreciate our high quality, known and nurtured deals
  • Full CTO staff and tech delivery crew to bring concepts to life with speed
  • We support each concept and grow each entrepreneur
  • Comprehensive pathway bootcamps to raise funding from inception to IPO and exit

This is the

final stage

of the journey before being eligible for our

Startup Giants RAISE programme.