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Unlike other accelerators that require you to huddle together in a room for 4 months, we've tailored our mentoring to support talented entrepreneurs who need to keep their existing jobs a little while longer.
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Made In Britain

We are passionate about promoting the awesome talent that is available in the UK to startup founders as a base for designing, launching, and growing their online businesses. And we do this by investing into UK-registered startups and then providing support by introducing our founders to the resources and knowledge they need to growth-hack their business into an international brand.

Remote Mentoring

As part of our accelerator rounds, we run several weeks of group mentoring to get your business model and pitch deck up to scratch. We do most of this remotely with occasional popup hackathons in London.

Accelerator Funding

At Startup Giants, you only have to impress us once instead of marketing your crowdfund campaign to 1000’s of others. We’ll start work immediately on bringing your business to it’s market potential.

Growth Hacking

We don’t expect every founder to be a growth hacker when you start off. But by the time you’ve finished, you’re going to be rolling out some awesome marketing tactics and building viral growth alongside the best.

Remote Mentoring (+ Hackathons)

If you’re one of the startups shortlisted for joining our next accelerator round, then we’ll work with you to improve your business plan and revenue model, and we’ll help you to build viral growth into the design of your startup to create a powerful and exponential ramp-up to your membership levels. We do some of this remotely and compliment it with occasional popup hackathons where we all meet up together somewhere in London.

Business / Revenue Models

We’ll help you flush out the product-market fit and uncover where the real value is in your customer journey, making it far easier to define an optimised revenue model that works.


Internet Marketing

Unless you know how much you can spend on an advert and still turn a profit, then you’re not in control of your marketing. We’ll help you put a system in place that you can ramp up and improve upon.

Build Viral Growth

If each of your members introduced 3 other people to your startup, then one new member would generate nearly 800k new members within a year. Impressive, right? Learn from our experts how to build viral growth directly into the flow of your own business processes.

Concept-Stage Funding

Startup Giants is a UK-based startup accelerator that invests in tech startups in the UK at the pre-seed stage (also known as concept stage) and then participates on subsequent seed and expansion rounds.

We’ll invest up to £100k in amazing consumer startups that have the potential to attract over 1m customers within the first 12 months from launch.

And during your expansion rounds, we’ll invite other investors from the market and invest alongside your own to bring you more credibility and contacts from having a bigger investor base.

Growth Hacking

Save valuable time and boost customer experience by incorporating a combination of different software tools in your internet marketing arsenal, combined with an analytical approach when following marketing tactics for lead generation and customer nurturing.

How To Become A Growth Hacker

Marketing Software

Wow your audience and make your life easier with your favourite set of tools like Infusionsoft, Leadpages, Zapier, Scrapebox, Google Analytics, The Best Spinner, XRumer, and many more…

Data Analytics

Measure all your conversions to find out which campaigns are working and which need replacing, then ramp up the spend more on those that are generating the most positive returns…

A/B Split Testing

There’s a saying which goes “Always Be Testing”, and if you can increase a conversion rate on your campaigns from 5% to 10% then you’re going to double your signups and your revenue…

Marketing On Autopilot

Your online business is running 24/7, so set up your marketing to keep pace. Learn how to use customer nurturing with triggers and actions to segment your members and treat them individually…

Re-Targeting Lost Leads

Some leads and members are naturally going to leak out of your sales funnel. So use re-targeting to place ads to just those leads that you want to bring back into your sales campaigns…

Active Post-Launch Support

We want you to become as independent as possible, as fast as possible. But we’ll always be in the background ready to support you. In fact, we’ve set up an entire back-office especially to support the startups that we do invest into. Whether its doing the accounts, getting a lawyer, recruiting an intern, or just getting together to organise a party, you’ll get your own support desk that you can access anytime for any reason.

Back Office Support

What is your time worth? Well if you’re running your business and creating value then its worth a lot. But there are always tasks that you still need to get done that don’t add any real value to your bottom line. So we created our Back Office to support our startups by introducing you to partners that can run all the typical back-office tasks during ramp-up.

We bundled in the “big three” – accountants, lawyers, and recruitment – so our startups could leverage economies of scale and harmonise a way of working instead of re-inventing the wheel each time.

Preferred Suppliers

Knowing where to go for help with software development, graphic design, internet marketing, public relationships, or a gamut of other services that you might need can be a bit of a minefield if you don’t already have those contacts in your back pocket.

That’s why we like to share the best recommendations from our startup network for suppliers in the UK, Europe, Ukraine, and elsewhere with our founders so they can access services that have already been verified as trustworthy.


You’ll find below the most popular questions that our founders have been asking us about how we run our Accelerator rounds and what you can expect as part of our investment commitment. If anything is missing, just let us know using the contact form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Q: Is Startup Giants a crowd fund or a VC? How does it work?
    • A: Neither. Startup Giants Plc is an investment company with its shares admitted for trading on the NEX Exchange Growth Market in London. Investors buy Startup Giants stock via their broker but have no involvement in which startups we invest into.

      We run the accelerator rounds to select what we consider to be the best viable tech startup businesses in the UK to invest into at the concept stage in exchange for equity, and after several weeks of mentoring we present those startups to pitch in person to our Investment Advisory Board for approval (which consists of a panel of experienced investors). It is in our best interest to help you to become successful, since a higher valuation in your own startup should invariably send our own share price upwards and benefit our shareholders.

      If you are interested to also buy Startup Giants shares as well as raise funds yourself, you can find out more on how to do that on our Investors page.

  • Q: What stages do you invest in companies? Seed, Early, A-Round?
    • A: We invest at the pre-seed stage, also known as the concept stage or the idea stage, and then participate on subsequent rounds.

      New startups and founders normally find the concept stage the hardest in which to find funds since they have nothing substantial to show and no real revenue history. Investors typically see this as very high risk and generally prefer to back companies going for expansion capital that have some traction, which is where the crowd funding sites proliferate.

      We’ll fully invest in your startup at the concept stage ourselves. Then we will participate alongside other investors during your expansion rounds, where you might very well blend crowd funding with other forms of investment capital to increase your credibility in the market and create some heat around your brand name.

      We will not invest into companies on expansion or A-Rounds if we didn’t mentor them from the start through one of our Accelerator rounds.

  • Q: Where is the accelerator based? Do you have space for our full team of 4?
    • A: We don’t “house” startups like some other accelerators that require you to huddle together in a room for 4 months, we’ve tailored our mentoring to support talented entrepreneurs who need to keep their existing jobs a little while longer. We are primarily UK based but work with partners and resources all over Europe and Asia. Therefore we support our founders “virtually” with remote mentoring using regular webinars and 1-2-1 Skype sessions on other occasions, complimented by hackathons where we bring everyone together under one roof for a few days at popup workshops usually in London.

  • Q: How often do you run Accelerator rounds? And when are they?
    • A: We nomrally run two accelerator rounds each year, once in the Spring and again the Autumn. So long as you’re registered with us then you’ll get an email notification when we start to open up another round. You can register here.

  • Q: How do I apply? What happens after I apply?
    • A: We currently use two different platforms that you can use to submit your applications – F6S and Angellist. If you are UK based then we advise you to use the F6S site to submit your application. When we open an accelerator round to start taking applications we will notify you by email with a link to the application form on both these platforms.

      After you have submitted your application and once the accelerator round is closed, we spend some time short-listing applications and inviting the strongest founders to book a Skype call with us to review their pitch on a live call, to refine and improve their business concepts, and to start building a relationship.

      You will be notified with 4 weeks of the accelerator closing whether your application was successful or not.

  • Q: Can I apply if I am not living in the UK? Or can my company be outside the UK?
    • A: No. Startup Giants currently only invests in UK-registered startups with founders that are also resident in the UK.

  • Q: What type of startups do you support?
    • A: Having worked with a large number of different technology companies over many years, the founders of Startup Giants have fine-tuned specific selection criteria that allows them to focus on high-growth lower-risk startups that have the fastest route to market. Specifically, each startup application must have at least the following characteristics in order to be considered for selection:

      1. must be for a consumer web application (i.e.: not B2B or B2C)
      2. must have either a Freemium or a Marketplace revenue model
      3. can easily identify a subset of its business niche to pilot first
      4. can target at least one million potential customers in that pilot
      5. no barriers to entry or commercial agreements required to launch
  • Q: If my application is successful, when are funds available?
    • A: At the end of the Accelerator round we will make an offer to work with the strongest startups and founders on an exclusive basis for up to 3 months. This offer does not guarantee that you will get funds, but it allows us exclusively to work with you for a number of weeks within a group of up to 25 startups to improve your business model and pitch deck leading up to your final pitch to our Investor Advisory Board. If you pass that, then you get funded.

  • Q: Will I have to pitch to a load of different investors?
    • A: No. We’re not like other accelerators that take you through a bootcamp and then sit you in front of 450 investors. If you’ve been through our bootcamp and impressed our Investor Advisory Board then you’ll get funded.

  • Q: Will I have to leave my job if I get selected?
    • A: No, well not at first. Unlike other accelerators that require you to huddle together in a room for 4 months, we’ve tailored our mentoring to support talented entrepreneurs who need to keep their existing jobs a little while longer. We use weekly remote mentoring using webinars and Skype calls, WhatsApp support messaging, and we meet up occasionally all together over a weekend to run a hackathon. There’s no need for you to leave your job until you’re generating revenue, but you will have to work hard since there’s quite a steep learning curve to get up to speed. By the same token, we expect most of the funding to go on development and marketing and not on salaries.

  • Q: How do I get access to funds?
    • A: We work on a drawdown principle where you draw on your allocation in tranches into your company’s bank account. When you draw down a tranche, you’ll have to justify how the last tranche was spent and show what the results were, and you’ll have to detail how the new tranche will be spent and how that matches up with your overall plan.

  • Q: How much can I raise at the concept stage?
    • A: Well that depends. At Startup Giants, we work on the principle of milestones. We’d like your first milestone to be a £1m revenue within 12 months of launch. So after we’ve worked with you to brainstorm your business model and viral growth tactics, you should have a good idea how much it’ll cost you to reach that £1m revenue target, and that’s the amount you should be asking for on this Accelerator round. Just bear in mind that the less you need to reach that target, the more equity you’re going to keep for yourself and later rounds.

  • Q: Do I need to have a team with me? What if I’m not a techie?
    • A: Unlike other accelerators that require you to rock up with a team of founders that all complement each other and gel perfectly well together, we don’t have that same approach. We have preferred suppliers that we can introduce to you that can fill the gaps in your skills and your team. In fact we prefer that, since it lowers the risk of your team’s ability to deliver. We just need you to be the subject-matter expert in your niche, to be strong in your opinions, and to take the lead in your business (and not necessarily your Java stack).

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