Put simply: investors will want to

demo your tech.

Even if it’s in its simplest, beta form.

They need to see it working to invest and know that your vision can be brought to life and crucially, they also need evidence that there’s a customer or client base that needs and wants it.

‘Within a month I had created my app and put it out for crucial feedback. I was not expecting the energy buzz and sense of accomplishment to get my idea this far. I’m now working on getting evidence.’
MVP Programme
  • Why
    Aster is the glittering jewel of giants. They shone, just like your concept needs to. Now is the time to build it in beta and launch it to measure your consumer base fit and see if your idea is needed, wanted and liked. It’s also the time to make alterations based on your feedback to prepare it for investment.
  • Where you're at
    This is where the magic happens and we take your idea and branding and turn it into a working concept. Congratulations, within a short space of time your tech will be alive in the world. You’re well on your way to being an entrepreneur and one giant step further along the pathway to funding.
  • Investment from you

    2.5 hours of learning time

    Unlimited execution and turnaround time / deep focus


Aster is


for you if you need to make your app or refine it.

We explore no-code and low app-making systems and guide you on the elements needed to satisfy potential investors that your product has been considered from every consumer, business and investor level.

Evidence is tied to your marketing and take-up of your idea. You will learn the difference between evidence needed for B2B and B2C investors and given the guidance you need to go out there and get this for yourself, ready for the next phase of your funding journey.

  • If your business is B2B do you have 10-20 letters of intent?
  • If your business is B2C do you have thousand of sign-ups and a thriving database?
  • Have you created your tech and it is ready to go?
  • Does your tech involve a seeding strategy for growth?
  • Does your tech imbed the use of external APIs?

If the answer is yes to these then well done! We’re super excited to hear more. Let’s journey on to Echion …

If the answer is no, you need to work on each of these to prepare you for our RAISE programme. Don’t waste any time, let’s start now

it works

When you’ve successfully enrolled, you will be emailed each of the five videos in separate emails. That way you can work through them in your own time. Some people love to focus and complete Aster in a week, others prefer to do one video each week to ruminate and explore the concepts dispensed within.

*Don’t forget to download the workbook to capture your ideas during this process. Even if you don’t use all your ideas straight away, they might be invaluable later …

  • Gain access to all five of the videos so you can work on each one at your own pace
  • Capture inspiration and advice in your accompanying, downloadable workbook
  • Define your business on an internal and customer facing level
  • Grow confidence in your concept
  • Get ready to move on to Echion, the pre-raise programme

Startup Giants?

Investor or entrepreneur, we know you’re stronger with Startup Giants
  • Aquis stock exchange listed offering higher liquidity for investors
  • A strong investor pool who appreciate our high quality, known and nurtured deals
  • Full CTO staff and tech delivery crew to bring concepts to life with speed
  • We support each concept and grow each entrepreneur
  • Comprehensive pathway programmes to raise funding from inception to IPO and exit

Aster is

coming soon

to Startup Giants.

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