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to life.

At Startup Giants when we say – it’s easier when you sit on the shoulders of giants, we really mean it because we’ve been there too.

Over the past seven years our business journey has gone from startup to funded to IPO and scaling. We’ve lived the highs and lows, pitfalls, breakthroughs and triumphs. We’ve ploughed all this knowledge into TALOS, ASTER and ECHION, our three pre-funding courses.


To get your concept up and running with the vital funding it needs AND to hone your frame of mind into being the most robust entrepreneur in order to convince our pool of investors to fund you.

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and your mindset. Neither of these are mutually exclusive; they're both


to getting

Ultimately you’re going to want your concept to be placed in front of tech investors in our RAISE programme.
  • To qualify to be part of that elite circle, you need to first ensure that you’ve completed all the elements within our three pre-funding programmes.


    All are priced at £99

    Each course consists of five live video tutorials delivered by our top level experts in each respective field. Even our CEO Jeb Buckler, a passionate techie, quoted in TechCrunch, gets involved. During each video we’ll run through all of the pivotal points that you need to bring your concept to life.

  • You need all of these to fully understand and own your marketplace and what your consumers want, learn how to differentiate yourself from your competition, brand your concept with a logo and a tone of voice, create the tech for free, generate evidence to convince investors to part with their money, understand the funding landscape and prepare your documents for a funding round.

    Each live Startup Giants session lasts for between 30-40 minutes then it’s followed by a live Q&A so don’t worry, all your questions can and will be answered.

  • Before your course begins, you will be sent a downloadable PDF workbook to print off to capture all of your learnings and break through moments. There will be tasks that may take you a few minutes, hours or days to achieve before you can move on to the next lesson, but we all know that greatness is the result of many small acts coming together to achieve one huge final result so keep working hard and you’ll get there.

Now's the time to put your


and business


to the test and trust Startup Giants to make you the


you can be.

Where do you need to get started?
  • Talos
    Branding, competitor analysis, point of value, marketplace, tone of voice
  • Aster
    Tech and app creation, MVP, feedback and acquiring evidence for B2C and B2B
  • Echion
    Pitch doc creation, presenting skills, funding landscape and investor documentation
At Startup Giants, we’re a venture builder we create businesses. We’re experts at raising finance, we know what investors what. Join us and let’s get your business off the ground in an impactful way.

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