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With two world-leading business support programmes, we’re ready to work alongside you and transform you into an entrepreneur capable of scaling your company anywhere in the world.

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Think of us as your longterm business partner, your reliable source of information, inspiration and solutions to work alongside you to fund and grow your idea into a viable business.

You'll be amongst the highest level of Entrepreneurs who've passed through our process and been endorsed and approved by the British Home Office to scale your business in the UK.


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in the UK?

You'll be amongst the highest level of Entrepreneurs who've passed our process and been endorsed by the British Home Office to scale your business in the UK through one of our two programmes.

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Through our extended partner network of business expertise we offer our two comprehensive business programmes to fund and scale businesses globally. Working together, we can bring your tech ideas to life.



to make


business thrive.

You’re either brilliant at tech and not at business, or you can run a company but can’t build the tech. Fear not, we have two giant programmes to spur you forwards.

Tech Builder Programme

This is our most comprehensive programme, available to all founders that have the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and market awareness to run their own business, but require a co-founder team that can deliver on the strategy, tech build, website and business plan.

Startup Giants becomes a long-term equity partner and co-founder, providing the resources required over multiple phases of growth and funding rounds.

In addition to getting a team that can execute on strategy and delivery, we know that our pool of investors appreciate this model because our expertise and refined process accelerates ventures whilst also mitigating the risk to some extent, compared to a founder without an existing or trusted team in place.

Business Support Programme

Our Business Support programme has everything you need to support your journey as an Entrepreneur.

You will begin with our Workplace Sessions - a four week deep dive into strategy and goal setting. From this point on you will have a clear road map to grow your business.

Depending on where you are in the world, we can prepare and assist you in registering valuable trade marks and protecting your IP - this is vital for future funding rounds.

We can also assist with your application process for patents, grants and R&D tax credits. After you’ve scaled your business we then position you for funding rounds.

There’s a wealth of opportunity available if you’re ready to work hard and seize it. Read more in our brochure.

We are Home Office accredited, you can also find us on the Aquis stock exchange.

Our own formulated initiation process means that we can evaluate thousands of applications every year. Due diligence to provide even fifty Entrepreneurs with a visa, takes months.

Our team of experts source Entrepreneurs with scalable, innovative and viable ideas; ideas that deserve to scale on UK soil. Each Entrepreneur comes to the UK for nurturing and mentoring within one of our business support and growth programmes.

Together our aim is to create Entrepreneurs capable of achieving investment, patents and grants on their own terms. We find our investors enjoy having the choice between purchasing shares or investing in funds. It leaves them with the level of liquidity of their choosing.



your mind.

As a Startup Giants Entrepreneur you also have access to:
  • Regular check-ins to measure progress, navigate issues and inspire ideas

  • Use of Beauhurst, essential for R&D and saving you a huge £800 pcm

  • Our exclusive Entrepreneur app 'Raising Giants' to inspire and connect

  • Access to our in-house tech team for development and scaling of products

  • Delivery crew across multiple business disciplines to assist with execution

Decisions are ultimately up to you, as it’s your company but that doesn’t mean you’re on your own in the process of making them.

We’re here for the longterm. Have a look at some of our Entrepreneurs who are flourishing in the UK ...

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    Business is a tough challenge but it’s far easier when you sit on the shoulders of giants. Take inspiration from our seasoned entrepreneurs.

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