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At Startup Giants, our aim is to provide a refreshing alternative to the traditional routes of investing directly in early stage tech startups in the UK with all the benefits of investing on a regulated stock exchange.

Building a portfolio in young tech companies requires the right knowledge and background to assess startup potential. If you’re using Angel and Crowdfunding platforms then you’ll need to leave your money tied up until the startup provides an exit, which could take five to ten years. Startup Giants overcomes these challenges by having been successfully admitted to the Aquis Exchange Growth Market in London, offering more liquidity and enabling you to invest in a regulated portfolio of startups and trade your shares whenever it suits you.

Just phone your broker and mention our ticker symbol AQSE:SUG, or refer them to our Aquis Exchange Corporate Adviser Keith, Bayley, Rogers.

  • Issuer Name

    Startup Giants PLC
    71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom.
    ISIN Code: GB00BYP94G30
    LEI Code: 213800Z2UNGWYLZELA58
    Symbol: AQSE:SUG
    FCA AIFMD Number: 799439

  • Corporate Adviser

    Keith Bayley Rogers and Co. Limited
    1 Royal Exchange Avenue, London, EC3V 3LT. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FRN 197385.
    Contact: Brinsley Holman on +44 207 464 4090 or

  • Incorporation

    Startup Giants PLC is registered in England and Wales, having been incorporated on 16th July 2015 with company registration number 09690364.

  • Director’s Details

    See our Meet our team page,

  • Business, Operations and Strategy

    Details of these are available throughout this website and in our annual reports.

  • Number of Securities In Issue

    1,010,200 of which 25.76% are in public hands.

  • Substantial Shareholders

    Mr Jeremy Buckler (1)(2) – 12.95%
    Mr Kevin Doyle – 5.55%

    In addition to the above, the following also applies:
    (1) 2 Ordinary Shares are held by Drax, a Monaco entity of which Jeremy Buckler is the sole legal and beneficial owner.
    (2) 550,000 Ordinary Shares are held by Pointsman Limited, a UK company of which Jeremy Buckler is the sole legal and beneficial owner.

  • Annual Reports

    Annual reports and other documents can be viewed here