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Success for Startup Giants’ Entrepreneurs never comes from handouts. It comes from the highest standards of due diligence, expert guidance through fundraising rounds and ongoing commitment through our unrivalled business support programmes.



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Startup Giants is accredited by the Home Offce, admitted to the AQUIS exchange and is registered as an AIFM with the FCA.

  • In our experience, any entrepreneur who is given funds can spend them, not everyone is tenacious enough to use funds to grow a business, particularly at the pre- seed stage.

  • To further strength test each Entrepreneur’s mindset, concept and MVP, no money is handed out at the start. Instead, we work alongside them to get their visa and develop their concept, preparing them in every way to be able to pitch for investment on their own terms as business owners. before any money is exchanged.

  • This creates a bond of hard work, respect and a grit to meet the future milestones that together we set. With access to our Workplace Sessions and team of specialised experts, we mentor each Entrepreneur and assist them to bring their ideas to life on UK soil.

Startup Giants is a

venture builder,

not an accelerator.

From funding to IPO, we’ve walked in our Entrepreneurs’ shoes so we know how to lead them.

We collaborate with the most forward thinking, expert minds in industry and welcome them as guest mentors to nurture each entrepreneur along in their journey. It’s a fast paced industry but we’re in it for the long haul.

Whilst each Entrepreneur enters the UK thinking of their concept, our focus is on their exit. Their journey to get there is what sets us apart. We invest time to nurture their expertise and drive them to grow their concept to MVP, thorough testing and scalability, marketing and maintaining a growth curve. Exploring verticals and placing them through multiple funding rounds - it’s no mean feat.

However, it’s what makes us as original as they are.

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early to see the



That’s why we have a large pipeline, predominantly tech, also manufacturing and supply chain, which we nurture before offering them out for investment.

Keen investors can access them wisely at the pre-seed stage or across a number of investment options.

What type of investor are you?
Whatever your goal, be it to maintain wealth, maximise ROI, outperform banks or improve tax effciency, there’s an investment opportunity for you.



funds on your behalf

We allocate investment funds on your behalf to our deals, instantly creating a portfolio for discretionary investors.

When the particular Entrepreneur is moving along their milestones and seeking to go through subsequent funding rounds, you will be listed as a priority for further involvement.

Our administration handles certificates. Access to portfolios is fully FCA Regulated.




investment and market performance

We are listed on the modern Aquis (AQSE) stock exchange which enables us to be dual listed on the Frankfurt exchange opening up a wider set of opportunities for investment.

AQSE is totally disrupting the listed SME sector and uses forward-thinking technology to deliver better results for all participants. We align with their vision to champion entrepreneurship, investment
and market performance.

It’s a free-flow exchange offering higher liquidity.




to a large pipeline of deals

Register with Startup Giants and immediately acquire access to a large pipeline of deals at the pre-seed stage.

Believing in the notion of smart money, we know that money given is quickly spent. That’s why we strength test the tenacity and robust nature of our Entrepreneurs by not handing over any money to start with. Instead, we nurture their business acumen and concept to the point where they can source professional investment by other means.

Our Entrepreneurs are predominantly in the tech space, however we are seeing a few more emerging from the manufacturing and supply chains. Register here to have more information on deal-flow sent directly to you.


Front seat deal flow and


Coming soon in 2022 a whole new way of investing and mentoring for entrepreneurial investors who want to get involved in a deeper manner with deals.

Perhaps it’s your industry, perhaps it’s a person you’ve seen in the media, either way, if you satisfy the ACA tests you can be admitted to the app for front seat deal flow and opportunity.

Register here to be admitted early to the collective.

A diverse




UK trade and


From the hundreds of applications, only a fortunate few succeed. These Entrepreneurs stand out by a mile; not only does their concept fill a necessary gap within their marketplace, a global solution to a problem, their humility, tenacity, commitment and drive absolutely shines through.

This is the winning combination of Entrepreneur that can absorb the mentoring advice that they receive, stand the test of time and the rigours of running your own business.

  • Take a look at the quality of a Startup Giants’ Entrepreneur and the work they’re bringing to life …

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