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At Startup Giants, our aim is to provide a refreshing alternative to the traditional routes of investing directly in early stage tech startups in the UK with all the benefits of investing on a regulated stock exchange.
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Investor Benefits

Building a portfolio in young tech companies requires the right knowledge and background to assess startup potential. If you’re using Angel and Crowdfunding platforms then you’ll need to leave your money tied up until the startup provides an exit, which could take five to ten years. Startup Giants overcomes these challenges by having been successfully admitted to the NEX Exchange Growth Market in London, offering more liquidity and enabling you to invest in a regulated portfolio of startups and trade your shares whenever it suits you.

Portfolio Spread

We realise how hard it can be for individuals to identify the best startup deals at the concept stage. By taking shares in Startup Giants, you’re buying into a hand-picked portfolio of some of the best UK talent.

Increased Liquidity

Startup Giants has been admitted to the NEX Exchange Growth Market, so you’ll be able to trade your shares any time you need to scale your investment up or down, unlike investing in crowdfund or startup deals yourself.

UK Tax Relief

Startup Giants is a qualifying investment for individuals in the UK who want to top up their SIPP portfolio with dealflow, offering up to 45% tax relief on contributions with no UK capital gains tax or UK income tax to pay.

Portfolio Spread (+ Deal Selection)

When you invest in Startup Giants, you’re buying a stake in every startup in our portfolio twice a year through our accelerator rounds. All the companies that we support have the potential to reach a £10m revenue or a £100m valuation within 3 years, and have gone through a rigorous selection round and a subsequent evaluation by an independent Investment Advisory Board before being actively supported by our mentors throughout their growth period.

Startup Deal Selection

We only invest in UK startups with a consumer customer base. If you’ve heard of companies like,,,,, then you know the types of startup models that we like to work with.

Defined Revenue Models

We prefer to focus on startups with either a Freemium or Marketplace revenue model, where customers are prepared to pay for a real value being delivered. It is worth noting that we never gamble on risky fads or gimmicks that use adverts to support their revenues.

Early Stage Focus

In principle, getting in early provides the best returns when investing in startups. That’s why we specialise in supporting new startups at the concept stage, with a view to taking them through to a Venture Capital round at either a £10m revenue or a £100m valuation.

Growth-Oriented Portfolio

Since our core model is to be the biggest supplier of early-stage startups to the Venture Capital industry, we generate equity returns far earlier than traditional forms of startup exit. And when you buy shares in Startup Giants you’re buying a stake in all the startups that we invest in, thereby lowering the risk through diversification as well as lowering volatility in uncertain times.

Increased Liquidity

Imagine being able to invest in early stage tech companies and being able to pull your money out whenever you wanted. Well soon you can.

Traditional direct investing into new startups using Angel or Crowdfunding sites requires you to lock up your funds in each deal until the startup matures, for example through a trade sale or an IPO.

With Startup Giants, since we are applying to trade on the NEX Exchange Growth Market, you’ll be able to buy and sell shares that cover our entire portfolio online (or using your own broker) and benefit from our assets in the same way that you can trade stock from Microsoft, Google or any other quoted company.

Just phone your broker and mention our ticker symbol NEX:SUG, and refer them to our NEX Exchange Corporate Adviser Keith, Bayley, Rogers.

UK Tax Relief

Startup Giants is a regulated investment stock, UK investors will be able to use their SIPPs and ISAs to invest into Startup Giants and benefit from UK tax incentives (up to 45% for SIPPs), or use a life insurance ISA that will pay out tax free as part of inheritance planning.

All our startups are UK based and we support all of them to apply for SEIS status at inception. We do not benefit from and are unable to pass on SEIS tax incentives to our own shareholders, however having this status makes our startups more attractive in subsequent rounds to external investors that are themselves able to benefit from SEIS tax relief.

UK investors can also use their SIPPS and ISAs to invest in Startup Giants...

Benefit from SIPPs

A pension is one of the most tax-efficient ways of saving for retirement. Like all pensions, a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) offers up to 45% tax relief on contributions and there is no UK capital gains tax or UK income tax to pay.

Benefit from ISAs

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are a simple way of making tax-free savings. Because of their tax benefits, ISAs can help your savings and investments grow faster over time. Using your ISA allowance each year enables you to build a substantial tax efficient portfolio free from Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax.

Benefit from Junior SIPPs

Child pensions, such as a Junior SIPP, are an increasingly popular way to give children a financial head start in life. About 60,000 under-18s now have pension plans, according to HM Revenue & Customs. You can start a Junior SIPP for a child any time from birth. The government automatically pays 20% so a £3,600 contribution only costs you £2,880.
* A SIPP is a type of pension for people happy to make their own investment decisions. Investments go down in value as well as up so you could get back less than you invest. The rules mentioned are those currently applying and could change in the future. You can normally only access the money from age 55 (57 from 2028). Tax reliefs depend on your circumstances. This website is not personal advice, if you are unsure an investment is right for you, please seek professional advice from your independent financial advisor.

Brexit-Resistant Customer Base

Traditional global internet marketing has for a long time classified potential leads, subscribers, and customers using geotargeting to target potential customers in specific locations. These locations are grouped by country into tiers according to their responsiveness to new offers and higher disposable income, with Tier 1 having a much higher premium over Tier 2 as a more attractive marketing proposition for achieving a higher conversion ratio of leads-to-customers.

The generally recognised Tier 1 countries are United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada with a combined population of 456.9 million. Coincidentally, these are all English-speaking and don’t require local language versions of our startups’ UI as is normally required when selling on any scale into countries like France, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

Furthermore, where we saw the sterling currency dropping against other foreign currencies after the British people voted to Leave the EU, we see this as a potential advantage as it makes our startups’ pricing points more attractive to all countries outside the United Kingdom in the Tier 1 geotargeting group that our startups are including in their launch marketing.

How To Invest In Startup Giants

Unlike some other funding platforms, we don’t make it hard for you to invest in new and upcoming startups in the UK. You don’t need to qualify as a self-certified sophisticated investor. You don’t need to be an Angel investor. And you don’t need to evaluate each startup yourself to build a portfolio. Because we have been admitted to the NEX Exchange Growth Market, anyone can invest in Startup Giants as little or as much as they like, whenever they like.

1. Phone Your Broker

If you would like to buy or sell securities in any of the companies quoted on the NEX Exchange you will need to contact a broker who will execute the order with a market maker on your behalf. If you have a relationship with a broker already, probably the easiest option is simply to give them a quick call and ask them to refer to our NEX Exchange Corporate Adviser Keith, Bayley, Rogers.

2. Buy Shares Online

Many of the NEX Exchange brokers run their own online share trading portals for investors that are happy with an “execution only” service, where the investor chooses the stocks themselves. If you are using one of these portals, after we are quoted just look for our ticker symbol NEX: SUG or ask your service provider to add it for you.

3. Add Startup Giants To Your SIPP

Start saving from as little as £25 a month into the SIPP (a payment of just £20, to which the government will automatically add £5 tax relief). Set up a direct debit and your SIPP account broker will collect the money from your account on the 7th of every month, so you don’t have to do a thing. You can start, stop, increase and decrease your contributions whenever you like.

4. Add Startup Giants To Your ISA

Whether you’re investing for the first time, or you’re a seasoned investor, your own Stocks & Shares ISA offers an easy-to-manage, tax-efficient solution giving you access to a wide range of investments and benefits, including the ability to startup a monthly direct debit from just £25 per month and to top up your account in just a few minutes with a debit card.

Get In Touch

Not getting the right information that you’re looking for? Then fire us over a message, tell us a little about what you are looking for and if you are a private or an institutional investor, and we’ll direct your question to the right person who can hopefully give you some sensible feedback.

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Startup Giants Plc is applying to trade on the NEX Exchange Growth Market, details of which are available via our NEX Exchange Corporate Advisers Keith, Bayley, Rogers. If you would like to speak to an NEX Exchange Specialist Broker, please contact Brinsley Holman at Keith, Bayley, Rogers on 0207 464 4090 or email

Startup Giants is keen to welcome both private and institutional investors. The director/shareholders have made a commitment to ensure liquidity in our stock and will always be happy to work with our market maker to ensure convenient sale or purchase of stock. For further information please email

Prefer to invest directly?

No problem. You can get direct access to our deals instead.

While Startup Giants shares are publicly traded on the NEX Exchange in London and investors can buy our shares (symbol NEX:SUG) through their broker to build a portfolio, we also understand that there are investors who want to invest directly in our deals either for the SEIS tax relief or as a strategic investment. To satisfy this interest, we have put together a syndicate to enable you to co-invest with us into these high growth startups.

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