It's time to

An IPO is


when you stand on the shoulders of

You’ve built your company, now you want to explore your options. Should you expand, or exit and reap the rewards?

Co-ordinating an IPO requires a bespoke road map for you to follow. If you’re looking to expand and raise capital, an IPO along with a great strategy in place, can propel your business to new heights. It is also a fantastic means to offering your shareholders liquidity on their investment. 

An IPO is tough. It’s not an overnight procedure,  every single ‘i’ needs to be dotted and ’t’ crossed. This is at the same time as running your business with the same level of ferocity as you have done to get to this place. Managing this is of the utmost importance.

Ask yourself
the following

Are you looking to

raise capital

to expand, commit to deeper R&D, experience a





Are you looking to raise the


of your


in five years?

Are you happy to potentially


a greater



Do you have the


available to


all of the necessary fees, audits and required

financial documents?

Are you


of the


of going public?

Choosing to IPO is not an overnight decision.

However, you’re not alone with Startup Giants.

We know it’s tough, we’ve been there and like everything in business there’s a clear roadmap to follow.

If you do decide to go ahead, our specialists will provide financial, legal and business advice to guide you through each stage, with a clear strategy that develops as the process unfolds.

If you’ve read this far on the page it sounds to us like you’d be interested in having a complimentary discussion to see if this is the right route for you.

We’re offering a free hour consultation for the first ten people to get in touch with our business advisors.


Startup Giants?

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the exit that's

right for you