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SUG Giant: More Housing reaches milestone

More Housing’s first home is showcased at renowned BRE Innovation Park.

Coming to the UK with a will to solve homelessness in a mental health and eco friendly way, the team at More Housing has reached an incredible milestone in their work.

Their first home design ‘The Parker’ has been admitted to and showcased at industry leading BRE Innovation Park, Watford.

Not an easy journey

Two and half years of R&D, a pandemic that made it awkward to get supplies and numerous other road blocks and the day finally came when the Startup Giants PLC team could meet Arif, Hossain and their investors at BRE and congratulate them on their achievement in person.

‘We’re immensely proud of Arif and Hossain for their hard work. From the moment we first heard their solution for homelessness we knew it was scalable, innovative and viable so their visa was relatively easy to process.

‘To bring them to the UK to ensure that their concept is brought to life on UK soil will see so many people finally receiving the homes that they need in record time and at much less of a cost to the environment.’

The start of a new beginning

Arif Khan, Founder and CEO of More Housing said:

‘To be showcased at BRE means that my team’s efforts can be viewed and appreciated on a whole other level by the people that we need to see them the most.

With 90% pre-manufactured value, fully volumetric design we know our solution for temporary housing is unique and a game changer for UK councils and temporary accommodation specialists, as our homes are relocatable to fit in with their longer term future plans.

We know the hard work of sales and marketing now begins, however it has been our pleasure to reach this huge milestone and see The Parker in situ. I hope that it also acts as a symbol to other Startup Giants Founders to keep going with their startup dreams through the twists and turns of business life. If you have a positive purpose to bring to the world you really need to see it through.’

If Arif’s story has inspired you to take your concept to the next level on UK soil, get in touch with us about our VISA programme or if you’re confident with where you’re at and you need to raise funds then explore our RAISE programme. Either way, our team of innovators and entrepreneurially minded business specialists will be ready to guide you forwards on your journey.