How your


looks, sounds and engages with its intended customer or

client base

is essential to getting

‘We didn’t realise how branding affected all aspects of our business and marketing. It’s the way in which we communicate to our consumers - our language, look and feel. Without our branding strategy we would not have launched successfully.’
Branding Bootcamp
  • Why
    Talos is the inventor of giants, surpassing all other ideas. To attract the number of consumers you’re going to need for investment your concept must look and sound attractive to your marketplace. Branding is how you communicate with the world.
  • Where you're at
    You’ve had the idea, perhaps you’ve started building your tech concept but you need to choose names, colours and a tone of voice for how your app or idea speaks. You need to move forwards with a strong brand identity that shines from your competition and conveys your strength to future investors.
  • Investment from you

    2.5 hours of learning time

    Unlimited execution and turnaround time / deep focus

    Normal price £498

Investors want to see


They want to get a look and feel for how your brand speaks to its customers and how you portray your product or service across multiple platforms of comms.

Having a deep understanding of why your brand is important to the world, who it’s going to effect and benefit, clear succinct messaging and USPs that stand out from your potential competitors are all crucial to the longevity of your business.

  • Developed strategies to meet your defined customer base
  • A clear set of values with a clear view of why they benefit the customer, investor and business
  • A finalised logo and tone of voice
  • A polished elevator pitch
it works

When you’ve successfully enrolled, you’ll attend 1 bootcamp workshop a week, plus have access to a dedicated Q&A session. That way you can work through them in your own time. Some people love to focus and complete Talos in a week, others prefer to do one video each week to ruminate and explore the concepts dispensed within.

*Don’t forget to download the workbook to capture your ideas during this process. Even if you don’t use all your ideas straight away, they might be invaluable later …

  • Gain access to all five of the videos so you can work on each one at your own pace
  • Capture inspiration and advice in your accompanying, downloadable workbook
  • Define your business on an internal and customer facing level
  • Grow confidence in your concept
  • Get ready to move on to the Echion Pre-Funding Bootcamp

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  • We support each concept and grow each entrepreneur
  • Comprehensive pathway bootcamps to raise funding from inception to IPO and exit

You want to get


Investors want to


into a

strong brand.

‘Branding’ is far more than a logo. Get this right now and you’ll continue on your journey to funding smoothly …

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