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for the UK

  • If now is the right time to come to the UK to create and launch your business, you need a visa to be able to do that.

    At Startup Giants we support serious Entrepreneurs with visa to enter the UK and follow our Venture Builder or Business Support Programmes.

    We have limited spaces for visa’s each year.

    Only the elite few are successful and their concepts are being brought to life on UK soil right now.

    Next-level kitchen water purification
The British Home Offices requires us to ensure that all Entrepreneurs entering the country through Startup Giants, have a business concept that is:
  • Innovative
  • Viable
  • Scalable
To ensure that your concept is ready to be submitted, all Entrepreneurs need to pass through our TITAN programme to be able to apply for the visa.
Simple and effective.

Within three lessons you’ll know if your concept is VIABLE SCALABLE and INNOVATIVE enough to pass ours and the Home Offce’s strict rules.


You really need to think in a high level, disruptive fashion, simply having a twist on another business idea is not enough.

TITAN will guide you to preparing your application and ask you the in-depth questions that you will need to prepare to pitch your
concept to us.

Complete TITAN and you can then apply for your chance to be accepted onto our Startup Giants VISA Venture Builder Programme.

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