Startup Giants is an

approved Endorsing Body

for the

UK Startup and Innovator

visa categories.

If you’re keen to be


and grow a


business keep reading because our process not only brings you to the


it gives your business the potential to

We start with strategy ... Every Entrepreneur entering the UK with Startup Giants follows our four week Workplace Sessions.

This involves deep strategy sessions into what your business idea needs to grow and the expertise that you need to ensure that it does. You’ll exit the Workplace Sessions equipped with a road map of milestones to reach and a strategy to put your business journey in place.

Read our process below.

The process

If your idea is


and we offer you a visa endorsement, here’s the


that awaits you

  • Visa endorsement application process

    Application for visa endorsement form submitted, interviews and concept testing.

    Meeting with Jeb Buckler, CEO and Founder of Startup Giants. If successful you will receive a formal offer of approval for your visa endorsement.

    Our team will guide you through the process, which can take up to three months to obtain your visa and enter the UK.

    You will enrol on the exclusive Startup Giants app where your journey to becoming an Entrepreneur in the UK begins …

  • Once in the UK …

    Whilst you enter the UK and get settled, work can begin immediately on bringing your concept to life. Every week for four weeks you will attend a Workplace Session which is a deep dive into your business.

    Not only does the Startup Giants team ensure that they are up-to-date with your business concept and dreams, you will be guided on how to break down your journey into manageable goals to meet important milestones during your first year.

    Over the course of four weeks we will challenge you to research your marketplace, competitors and product development, resulting in your all-important strategy being created. Then we hand it over to you, to lead your business and put the plan into action …

  • Launch and Scale

    If you’ve elected to go with our Tech Builder programme, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you and one of our partners will conceptualise, design, develop, and launch your online application and build your website with your logo and branding and hand it over to you.

    You’ll get to your Launch phase in around 4 months with a great deal of ideation and pragmatic advice on how you should execute your next steps.

  • Ongoing Support

    We provide regular check-ins for support and connecting you with experts should you be in need of further advice.

    Our quarterly meetups will be beneficial to you to meet fellow Entrepreneurs that you may have talked to via the Raising Giants app.

  • Patents and Grants

    During your regular check-ins with the team, we will help you to assess whether or not you qualify to apply for patent and grant to both protect your business idea and be granted funding for it.

    This can be a major boost for your business and whilst the capital can be put to good development or marketing use, the exposure created if successful is a powerful win to have on your record.

    Our in-house team will assist in preparing you and your presentation to give you the best chance for success.

  • Funding Rounds

    What are the general lead times for a funding journey? What are the documents that need to be delivered as part of a funding round? These are the biggest and most common questions we are asked by our Entrepreneurs and form the basis of stage three of our support programmes.

    Navigating fundraising in the UK is far easier when you have a team of experts on your side to help coach you and prepare your business to give it the best chance of success.

    Having done an IPO ourselves, we’re experienced from the core team to our trusted advisors in negotiating every kind of investment on offer. It’s never a quick process, however, if handled correctly, fundraising can be a business-changing moment in your journey as an Entrepreneur.

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